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Finding the Best Builder for Your Dream Home

The building and construction industry is one of the largest industries driving the economy of Australia and in fact a major employer. According to the Australian bureau of statistics, the value of work done in September 2011 by the industry was172.9 billion dollars, which is minus the 30 billion of the smaller renovations work. As in November that year, the construction industry had over 1039900 people employed. This shows that construction and building are a very big deal. When it comes to building your own house, it is even a bigger deal as it’s a great investment. One critical element for a successful house project is getting a reliable builder to help actualize your dreams. If the numbers provided by the ABS are anything to go by bearing in mind that its 2016 and the numbers likely have increased, then it can be quite a task to pick the best builder for your home project. This article proposes some of the things you can do to ensure you walk away with one of the best builders Melbourne has to offer. See more at:


Sometimes to find what you are looking for, all you have to do is to ask. If there is a great builder in your area, then there are high chances that other people living within your environs have used their services before. Ask around for recommendations from neighbors, friends, family and even coworkers. If you are building at a location that is perhaps away from home there are other resources you could look into. The local home builders’ association can prove very resourceful for example. There you will get names of some of the great builders Melbourne has today. Alternatively you can visit

Do Some Research

Look for the information available out there on the home builders you are considering. You can check their experience and reputation. Their experience should be at least between 3-5 years as this is ample time for a builder to be able to establish their name and a history you can counter check. Find out whether they have a permanent business location and about their reputation with the local banks and suppliers. You also need to check whether there are any complaints filed against them. More information brand name you can use that Latitude 37

Go Through Their Portfolio

You need to ask the builder for references. Looking at their past work and even interviewing the prior clients is the best way to know what to expect. If its duplex building design you want, then visit any of the finished homes in person just to ascertain it’s the kind of work you would love. Ask their previous clients the aspects they looked best and if they were unhappy about any particular thing.

Building new homes is a large investment and as such every part of it should be taken seriously. Finding builders Melbourne wide can be quite stressful especially in Australia where the industry boasts of more than a million workers. With this guide, however, you are in the right direction to getting the best builder.