Dry Cleaning in Melbourne CBD – Personalised Services

 It is quite rarely that the business of dry cleaning gets mentioned in any major news dispatch or story. But it was interesting to find from a recent post on smh.com.au that a rich person is paying over $60million to buy a golf course close to Melbourne to develop a residential project. The point to consider is that this person, Mr. Pesk, built his business empire from being in the dry cleaning business in the 1960s. As and when the project gets completed and Mr. Pesk’s name is attached to it, there will always be the mention of where he started it all from. The business that the dry cleaning Melbourne CBD businessman started does have many such nostalgic stories to tell with many establishments offering the service to their loyal clients for a number of decades.

Dry Cleaning Melbourne CBD

Personal Care Taken

The times have definitely changed. Most people have switched to having their own washing machines and iron them at home. Others might use the public laundry close to their places of residence. But the conventional dry cleaning is also a service still patronised by a large part of the population. One factor is that there are special clothing like coats, jackets and woollens which need to be washed through the dry cleaning process only. The companies offering services of dry cleaning Melbourne CBD wide provide personalised service to their customers, often for years.

Latest Technology Used

The highlight of the dry cleaning services you can enjoy from these companies is that they have been constantly improving their processes, using better machinery and inputs while cleaning their customers’ clothes. The use of hydrocarbon as a solvent, for example, while dry cleaning is meant to protect the delicate and probably expensive clothing that the customers entrust them with, is a case in point. Similarly, the dry cleaning companies have kept pace with the developments in the business all over and the best in class machinery are imported from Europe and installed to handle the dry cleaning process. The chemicals or cleaning agents used are also certified from the perspective of safety to the environment.

Specialised Services

You can also expect the dry cleaning Melbourne CBD companies to be the ideal source for getting clothes dry cleaned for special occasions, like weddings. The wedding attire of both the bride and the groom would be carefully handled and delivered in a fresh condition so that the couple can wear it with pride and pose for photographs.

Service at Door Step

You can also enjoy free pickup and delivery of your dresses from and to your place of residence. The elderly among the community would consider this a great advantage. What’s more, they may also offer you alterations to the clothes if needed. Again, if you require only the ironing to be done, the companies offer to do that as well.

So it is the sum of all the benefits and services that make the availing of dry cleaning services a pleasure. They have also built their reputation over many long years and it gives the customers a sense of comfort and satisfaction dealing with such agencies. For more details, http://www.renesdrycleaners.com.au/ is the place to look for.

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