Maintenance Tips for Your Home’s Solar Power System

With the rising cost of electricity nowadays, more and more people opt to use renewable energy sources and be independent of government-owned power companies. Using Solar Energy in Ballina, for instance, is a good way to start saving on high electricity cost. However, the installation process, as well as figuring out how the batteries work may sometimes be confusing. If you are not that savvy on wirings and electricity, talking to an electrician Ballina, JDZ Electricals offer is a good way for you to get started. Professional electricians in Ballina are proficient on solar energy harvesting and storage for your home.


Electrician Ballina, JDZ Electricals

Having the means to generate your own electricity is rewarding. However, not everyone is aware of its maintenance and workaround. Although your solar power system usually comes with a warranty, knowing how you can maintain it is still important.

Cleaning Your Solar Panel

Cleaning your solar panel is very important as this will affect the amount of energy generated for your home. The cleaner it is, the better it can generate solar energy. There are available solar panel kits that you can buy to make cleaning more effective. A wiper, a small brush and a brush with long handle are also recommended for easier cleaning.  Make sure to provide regular care to your solar panels and never allow dirt and any debris to settle on the panels for too long.

Full System Service

It is not enough that you keep your solar panels clean. The system also needs to be checked by a qualified electrician to ensure that all components are safe and working well. These checks are performed to ensure that the inverter is functioning correctly, interconnections and cables/conduits are mechanically secure, and that all switches, isolators and circuit breakers are running smoothly.

The electrician will also clean the inverter to minimise the presence of dust in the device. A qualified electrician Ballina, JDZ Electricals has today will also check and confirm that your system is consistent with high safety standards. If repair is necessary, the electrician will also service it for you at an affordable cost. It is recommended to have a full system service every 2- 3 years to extend its lifespan.

Monitor Performance

Monitoring your system’s performance is important for you to know when maintenance is required. Through monitoring, you can also keep a record of how much energy is produced by your solar panels. It will also provide you with statistics on how you benefit the environment. You can also diagnose which part of your solar panels are not functioning well and need repair.

Although the electrical components of solar panels are sealed inside a thick glass and remain protected throughout its lifespan, it is still best to have a qualified electrician Ballina, JDZ Electricals has today to check your system for you. Before opting to have solar panels for your home, make sure you have conducted a thorough research on its pros and cons as its effectiveness relies solely on your location. The more sunlight you have, the more energy you can harvest.

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