Vertical Gardens: Your Haven in the Middle of the City

Urban living has been the trend for several years now and as more people go to the city in search of better opportunities and financial stability, the trend goes on. Along with urbanisation comes the lack of green spaces brought by the necessity of living in apartments and condominium units.  You might believe that gardening isn’t an option in these types of residences but you have it all wrong.  Vertical Gardens are all you need. Yes, you can actually experience the joy of growing your own plants in the middle of the city.

vertical garden

vertical garden

Vertical gardening is basically utilising whatever vertical space you have in growing plants. It is the perfect solution to the city dwellers’ craving for green space. These vertical wall gardens are specifically designed to fit your fast-paced urban lifestyle as they are so easy to maintain and won’t take much of your time. Of all the plants you can put in your own vertical wall garden, perhaps the most beneficial are fruit bearing plants, vegetables and herbs. Why not plant something that you can eat and therefore promote a healthier lifestyle? Think of hitting two birds with one stone.

Starting your own vertical garden requires quite a lot of work, especially if you don’t know a thing about gardening.  Where do you begin? What type of plants are you going to choose? How can you be sure that they won’t die when you come home from a vacation? You don’t know anything about plants, you are so busy for vertical gardens; is having one even an option for you?

Vertical Grow System (VGS) understands your worries about vertical gardening.  This Australian-based company is the perfect partner to help you start your own garden every step of the way.  Specifically designed to help city dwellers across Australia to be self-sustainable, VGS will help you grow your own herbs and vegetables even with the limited gardening knowledge you have. Why depend on grocery stores if you can grow your own veggies for a fraction of what you usually spend?

VGS employs two types of gardening system, the soil based and the hydroponic.  In both systems, plants are planted in bamboo logs which will give you that refreshing garden feel. The best thing about VGS is that their vertical gardens are so easy to assemble and require no power tool at all.  You don’t even have to worry about damaging your wall because they come with a wooden frame.

In soil based system, the bamboo logs are fitted with internal drip irrigation system, which can easily fit to your standard garden hose for no fuss watering. And here’s the best thing about this system, you have these lush plants complete with soil giving you that real garden feel but without the time-consuming weeding.

The hydroponic system is a more modern type of vertical gardening. It needs no soil; only water and hydroponic nutrients. You don’t even have to water them yourself as it connects to a power outlet for automated watering. Imagine going home after a week of vacation and your plants are healthy as ever.

Ready to start your own vertical garden now? Let Vertical Grow System be your partner in creating your own haven in the middle of the city. Check out their website at

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